Where are your pictures?

Today is my grandson’s 18th birthday and I couldn’t be prouder. He has turned into such a wonderful young man. We have enjoyed watching him grow, but I have to admit time has passed too quickly. Check it out below this post.

I have been going through pictures for weeks and made a quick slide show to highlight his life. It made me think about pictures in boxes.

Why do we just take pictures and put them in boxes? Or we leave them in the digital world without ever doing anything with them.

I used to make scrapbooks of pictures from our trips. Now we just take them, post them to Facebook and we’re done. Sometimes they stay in the camera and we don’t do a thing with them. We have gone to some great places and I wonder why we don’t do anything with the pictures.

We visited our friend yesterday because her mom passed away. She was getting ready for the post graveside family event. There was a table full of pictures. Some were those old kind that were faded and yellow. Most of them were not dated or labeled with names.

Although my friend spent quality time with her mom, those pictures are all that is left. Now she wishes they were labeled.

One of the best things you can do for your family is leave photos with labels. It is part of the legacy you leave. I wish I had labels on the back of my own photos or my grandmother’s that I have in a box.

It is never too late to start!

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About Linda Buice

I am a retired elementary teacher. I am an avid reader and am pursuing a Christian writing career. My faith and family are extremely important to me. My thoughts on this blog are meant to encourage others in their later years.
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