Starting Your Day

The way you start your day can determine the type of day you will have.  I can’t wait to get up and just spend time in the morning talking and praying to God about what’s going. Faith is about having a daily relationship with God. He is important to me and I want to know him even better.

For me, I have learned that praying doesn’t mean talking to God with a list of all the things I want to happen in my life. He already knows my needs before I ask. My prayer life used to be so sporadic and only when I had a specific need or a crisis. Often, I would recite the prayers I learned as a child. Then I could say I prayed. It was in times of crisis when I felt so alone, that I truly began to pour out my heart to God.

Jesus modeled praying for us. He went off to a quiet place and prayed, morning and night. The Lord’s prayer was meant as a model of how to pray, not to be the only prayer we say.

So I encourage daily conversations with God before the day begins. Thank God first for the things you are thankful for and then tell God your hopes and dreams. Pray for others and keep a little book listing what you have prayed about. Look back at it as the months pass by and see how many of those he has answered.

Spending time in the Bible helps me get to know him better. It is God breathed word and it is a blueprint for life. It is part of the conversation because I often find answers from God in his word.

Our God is a big God and he listens if we spend time daily in conversation with him. It can change your life and it is never too late to start.