Season of Growth

Springtime is always a season of hope after winter. I love the all the seasons, but I get so excited when I see the bulbs coming up and the earth’s greening up. I have already been planning my gardens and can’t wait to get out in the yard to garden.

As a Christian I also look forward to the Easter season and the power of the resurrection. It has become a habit for me to pull out one of my favorite books Springtime of the Soul written by Carole Hamm. This book is beautifully written from the heart. Carole is now retired from the family business Country Cupboard in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania which my husband and I visit frequently. It is such a delightful place and it was on one of my visits that I picked up this book.narcissus_daffodil_flower

The author uses the daffodil’s life cycle as a model of the Christian life. She gives a testimony of her own spiritual growth and renewal as she is faced with unplanned, difficult circumstances. Her journal entries and her Christian journey are an example of how God transformed her life during her trials. The reader is taken through each cycle of her growth as she listens for the voice of God and grows as a Christian.

Each spring I look forward to rereading this book and watching for the many daffodils I planted as a result of reading this book. I highly recommend reading this book.