A Call to be Creative

Having faith and walking with God is a journey. It is relationship that is meant to be a daily meeting with him. There were times in my life when I didn’t really have that relationship. The busyness and distractions in life kept me realizing that you can’t fill yourself up on the things of life. People, activities, jobs, and things don’t fill the void. We were created by God and he is the only thing that truly can fill in those empty places.

Studying and reading the Bible has shown me time and time again that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Reading it has shown me it is one of the best books you can read. You will find stories of betrayal, murder, dysfunctional families, adventure, rise to power, adultery, and much more. Interestingly, when you really study it you understand life much better and grow closer to God.

My teaching career was incredible and I was able to use my creativity to inspire young minds. Other teachers often would comment on my creativity and mention their lack of it.  When I retired I worried the best use of it was behind me. I was wrong, I am just using it in new and different ways.

I like to do DVD based or web based Bible studies and have experimented with many different teachers. Each has their own views and insights that challenge me to dig deeper in my faith walk.  I am always careful to focus on the message and not the messenger. In the end, I make up my own mind.

Right now, I am doing a Beth Moore study called Breath,The Life of God In Us. Beth is a great teacher and session two focused on creativity. We receive it through the Holy Spirit. She stressed that we all have creativity and it doesn’t matter what your age, you can do creative things beyond your imagination with the help of the spirit within. God helps us do that when we look to him and ask.

There were times in my teaching that I asked and I felt real power doing some amazing things with kids and teachers that were beyond my own abilities. I needed to hear Beth’s words this week.  All of us have gifts just waiting to be used. With faith, we can contribute so much to others if we are open to new opportunities at any age.

The possibilities are endless with God. Look at the lives of Moses, Abraham, Esther, or even Rahab in the Bible. Those ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Age did not limit them. There are talents inside you just waiting to be used. Let your creativity blossom.

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