What is a Christian?

Being a Christian in today’s culture might not be a popular thing, but I am and my faith is the center of my life. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do study the Bible and try to live by God’s word as do most of my fellow Christians.

Our world is constantly changing and as people fight for their rights, they sometimes think of Christians as being judgmental or unloving. Unfortunately, some are that way. Can’t we agree to disagree? Aren’t we allowed to be think differently anymore?

The Bible has been around for two thousand years and we are supposed to be “One Nation Under God.” My thoughts on the Bible will be in another post.

Part of the problem is people don’t understand why Christians go to church. The fact is, people who attend church on a regular basis, do so because they know they are sinners and need God. Services are uplifting and meant to give a message that will help as we live our daily life. One hour out of the one hundred sixty-eight hours in a week, isn’t a lot. Besides, being a faithful follower is more about how you live between Sundays. I struggle live out my faith in daily life, but each new day is a time to try again. We all fall short.

Life can be hard and filled with difficulties. Coping with people and problems can also be overwhelming.  Faith can help you deal with those things. God is there when other people aren’t and he always listens.

My own belief in God started as a child. I can’t remember a time not believing. I did have times when I only went through the motions because life kept me busy though. That was until a crisis hit. Then I wanted an immediate answer to my prayers.  God’s timing and answers weren’t always what I asked for, but his answer was always better even if it was no. It is clearer to see answered prayer when I look back at where I’ve been and what has happened in my life.

God is merciful, compassionate, and his love is unconditional. Imagine if everyone had unconditional love for each other. Wouldn’t the world be a better place?

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