A Novel View on Time

Time is a topic that many people think about in this crazy, busy world. For me it is so precious and seems like there is never enough of it. That is not the case for all. People young and old struggle with the concept of time. Maybe it goes too slow or maybe the opposite – too fast.

Mitch Albom wrote a wonderful novel entitled The Time Keeper. The story brings together several characters who have opposite views on the meaning of time. Circumstances bring them together and the author uses the characters to help readers consider their own views on time.

I highly recommend this book as we start another year. It was a quick read, but had a valuable lesson. Pause, take a look at your life and consider your view on time. Do you value it? Look through the eyes of these characters and evaluate your own life.

Use your time wisely and cherish the moments each day. Every day is a gift from God and a new opportunity to spend time in meaningful ways and relationships. Each life is valuable and intersects with so many other people each day. Look at your life and really see what is important. What will you do with the time that is left in your life? Can you help someone who is struggling with time?