Heavenly Wars About You

copy-of-t-1Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite Christian authors.  Her books are not only good reading, but her characters help grow in your own faith. The characters and the issues they face in life are genuine. Her writing is sure to capture your heart. A few of her novels have even been made into Hallmark movies.

I recently finished the third book in her Angels Walking series called Brush of Wings. While reading these  books I joined her online book club for weekly discussions which helped take the stories to a deeper level. True to its description, the series is about second chances and miracles. The characters in this series have life issues which could make anyone lose faith.  Angels were assigned to them so they would not be overtaken by the darkness  pursuing them. The books in this series were real page turners.

Many people today do not believe miracles happen today protecting us, but at this stage in my life I can say I have had my share of miracles. The book discussions were filled with more examples of God’s miracles that have happened in recent days. The same power is in us and is here in our times.

Some people would also say angels are not real. My life has been filled with times when life looked hopeless, but then the right person came along or right thing happened just at the time I needed it. That was not a coincidence.

The book of Ephesians  tells us about the war going on in the heavenly realms. The war Paul speaks of is about us.  As Christians we need to stay alert and not give up even when our world is in crisis. We  have God and our heavenly protection on our side to fight against the evil forces that surround and wage war against us. If there are problems or chaos in your life, there is an invisible battle going on for you.

Ephesians is a great book in the Bible to help us arm ourselves for daily battle. No matter what challenges you face, you can get through it. You are never alone if you have a faith in God. The apostle Paul gives us specific strategies to arm ourselves for action to fight the enemy. We know that Jesus is coming back one day and darkness does not win, but until then we need to stay alert.

It is never  too late to study the word of God. Studying with a group can help in your faith walk. There are  great studies out there and some can be done online. Check out resources at: Lifeway, Living Proof, or Faithgateway. Of course, there are many more places to find great studies. The important thing is to study the word and develop a relationship with Jesus. It will help you cope with the war raging around you.

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