What an Interesting Blog Idea!

As I start out creating this blog, I started reading a novel I have had for a while. It is called Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe by Max Lucado. Max is a great story-teller as well as an inspirational Bible teacher. I have done several of his studies and they are great.

The cafe theme attracted me right away. I am a coffee drinker and can’t imagine having a life without it.

I  was amazed by how Max could incorporate so many of the basics of Christian faith into the life of the characters while at the same time having such an interesting idea for a blog. I picked this book up and read it in an afternoon. It was so refreshing and a reminder that God is always near. The patrons come to the cafe to get access to the God Blog. The rule was that you could ask God one question and you could get an immediate answer.

I would highly recommend this book because the issues were real and I am such a coffee lover. Yes, there was an angel and he wasn’t what you would typically think an angel would be. Max was able to weave some fun into a very believable situation. Miracle

What if you could ask God one question? What would it be?

Truth is, as I have said before, you can. Prayer is a way to ask  and God does answer prayer. He gave us the Bible to help find answers, too. You are never alone and there is always hope. 

What a refreshing book!

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