Be Adventurous

Family has been important to me in every part of my life. They are more important than money, power, success, career, or any other type of idol a person can have.

Even though we live far apart, we make sure we schedule a visit a couple of times a year, keep in touch on Facebook, and call often without being burdensome. There is also the option to Skype or do face-time on the phone or tablet.  If you are really lucky, you can start traveling together.

Last summer, my husband and I were fortunate enough to go to England and Ireland with my daughter and granddaughter. Though the planning took time (my daughter is a great planner) and it was not free, we made memories that will not soon be forgotten.

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This is the perfect time to travel to the places you have dreamed about seeing. The best part was making the memories with my family.

The choices are unlimited. We are already planning a trip to Alaska with my grandson. Can’t wait!