Olympic Athletes & Faith with Purpose

The games in Rio are over but thoughts still linger in the minds of those who watched them. Who can forget what Michael Phelps, Kevin Durant, Gabby Douglas or Simone Biles did at the games? They are very talented athletes who not only earned medals, they did humbly. Their victories go beyond the medals.

The greatest part of their achievements was they weren’t doing it for their own glory. They gave glory to God for giving them the ability to do what they do.

Reading about Michael Phelps and his personal struggles after the London Olympics can be used as an inspiration for all. Despite all his previous fame, he still ended up in a very dark place. Luckily, he had a good friend who brought The Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren to him. That book changed his life. He now has purpose in his life that he didn’t have before. More of his story and the story of other USA Christian athletes can be found on The Christian Post.

The important idea here is that faith is a big part of their life which has to be difficult when the world is giving them so much attention. It wouldn’t be hard to think only of personal fame and future endorsements. However, they weren’t shy telling people what they believe in their faith and that is something else to be admired about them.

Being a Christian and sharing with others is an important part of a faith journey. It is never too late for anyone. If your life isn’t filled with purpose, maybe Michael Phelps can be an example to follow. Finding a new direction for your life can bring new joy. It will be worth it!

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