Chasing lions?

I just came across another Christian author that I love to read.  Mark Batterson is a lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C. and has written dozens of books. After seeing him speak several times on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), I decided to read some of his books.

Untitled design (2)The title IN A PIT WITH A LION ON A SNOWY DAY  immediately caught my attention. He uses the passage in the Bible on Benaiah chasing a lion into the pit as an example for us to follow. This was a story I had never heard before and I didn’t think someone really would do that and survive. It really is a great example of courage.

Now I don’t plan on chasing a real lion but when I thought about it like a metaphor, I realized I have chased lions. As the author points out, lions might be those dreams we think are ridiculous. In my life I have dreamed and with God’s help, my dreams came to being. So many of the characters in the Bible did impossible things when God took control.

Mark also stated that at the end of our lives we tend to look back regretting those lions we chose not to chase. Maybe we gave up to easily. There is still time to think big.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am reading it for a second time. He really made some important points that are worth a second look. As I have stated in other posts, life is a gift and each day is precious. We need to be lion chasers and make a difference for the kingdom.

In a Pit

Mark also has a second book entitled Chase the Lion which I will read next. Several of my Christian friends have already read it and highly recommended it. This sequel teaches how to become the lion chaser. I can’t wait to read it. Both books are well worth reading.

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