True Champions Beyond the Game

On February 4, 2018 many Americans watched an amazing Super Bowl game. Talking to many people before the game they rooted for the underdogs simply because that’s what they were called. They just didn’t want to see the Patriots win again.

Honestly, I did not know much about the Eagles and the stories I saw on television didn’t focus on what I thought was the real story. For me, the real story started when the coach was on the podium and was asked to what he attributed his journey, he did not waiver to give credit to his Savior Jesus Christ. Then two team members, including Nick Foles, also gave glory to God.

They were such an inspiration to me. We live in a day and age where Christianity is frowned upon and even in some cases, people are brought to court for their beliefs. None of these men hesitated with their statements.


In this video clip, the players talk about their journey of faith as players working together and how they have shared their faith with teammates. They just don’t talk about it, they are living it out in the locker room and on the field. They aren’t pushy with fellow players, but won’t hide it either. It is not a divisive thing in the locker room. I love the way they encourage couples to study the Bible together.


When I watched the clip I heard some important ideas. They challenge themselves to always see the bigger picture and who they really live for each day. They aren’t without challenges in their personal lives and they lean on each other while encourage themselves to support each other both on and off the field.

Carson Wentz was so supportive of Nick Foles, even though Nick took his place. His life goes beyond football.  He lives out what he says he believes in. He has even set up a foundation to support one of the missions he believes. Many other players have their own ways to give support to the community as a way of living out their faith.

I loved the portion of the video where I saw players kneel on the field. They aren’t afraid to let fans know where their heart belongs. I have noticed other teams do this at times and that is a bold faith. A faith we are all called to have.

Many other players have their own ways to give support to the community as a way of living out their faith.


I loved the stories before the game of players on other teams that also have made a tremendous impact on their communities. JJ Watt is one of those players. His goal was to raise $200,000 for hurricane victims. Instead, he raised $37 million. What a testimony!

What about you? Still thinking of ways to live out your faith? It’s never too late and this country is in need of more stories like this.

Looking at the nightly news reminds me that this world could use a little more faith. If it isn’t a sex scandal dominating the news, it is a mass shooting. Yesterday was a terrible shooting close to where my grandchildren live. How many more of these can we take? Isn’t it time to turn that around? Communities need hope and help.

I have mentioned so many times before, retirement is a great time to invest in other lives and agencies. I say  from personal experience.

But don’t wait until you retire. It can be a very rewarding experience.

As a country let us focus on positive stories. We have pulled together in recent natural disasters and there are so many unsung heroes. Yesterday’s shooting was another example of how a community worked together in the face of tragedy. They did their best and responded so quickly to the call.

My heart and prayers are with those families. My prayer is also for some way to help stop this violence. We need more people like this football team that reach out to their communities. We all can help.

Til next time,


About Linda Buice

I am a retired elementary teacher. I am an avid reader and am pursuing a Christian writing career. My faith and family are extremely important to me. My thoughts on this blog are meant to encourage others in their later years.
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