Vacation Reflections

Retirement has been a great time to travel to see the places I have only read about or seen on television. When I was teaching, vacation was a time I just wanted to sit and relax on the beach. Now I just want to travel and see sights.

As a child we never traveled due to the fact that our family was large and we didn’t have the money to do it. My dad wasn’t big on it either. All my traveling was done through a book and most of the time in my imagination as I read. I loved to do my United States puzzle and dreamed of going to all of the states. I am not sure that will happen, but I am delighted to say that I have traveled a good bit with my family. Traveling with grand children has been exciting.

My recent trip to the Grand Canyon was memorable. I have always wanted to go there. Despite the crowds and the heat, it was well worth the trip. I had prepared physically because I knew with age and elevation, I would have to be careful. What I wasn’t prepared for was the view.

Looking out over the canyon, I stood in awe of the beauty. It looked just like the pictures I had seen but seemed surreal. All you could do is stand there and try to take it all in as the guide explained what was across and below. There are many points of interests and opportunity to individualize the trip. My daughter and grandson biked and even walked part way down toward the canyon floor.The shuttle makes it easy to go from point to point. I saw a group of elk go by as I sat in the lodge having a cup of coffee.

We traveled to the canyon on the train which we took from Williams, Arizona. It was easier than driving and AARP does have some nice benefits and packages when traveling. The time on the train was spent in conversation, playing cards, or eating. It was worth it.

The group across from us explained to the photographer that this trip   marked the first visit that a member of their family had made to visit them since they moved to Arizona 22 years ago. Both couples were much older than me and fell asleep several times on the trip. It made me wonder why they had waited so long to visit? I wondered if they really could enjoy the canyon because they had difficulty getting around. I hope so.

This was not the only part of our vacation. We went to Santa Fee, saw the meteor crater, stood on the corner in Winslow, ate at the famous Turquoise Room in Winslow, and made it down to Sedona to see the beauty of the red rocks.

I have decided, this is the best time in life to plan visits that may have been postponed or to go to the places you have dreamed about. There’s time to make new memories. I am glad I did! But I have still have more to see and do. As Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go says, there are so many more adventures to go on.


About Linda Buice

I am a retired elementary teacher. I am an avid reader and am pursuing a Christian writing career. My faith and family are extremely important to me. My thoughts on this blog are meant to encourage others in their later years.
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