A Journey of Faith

I can’t remember a time that I didn’t believe in God. I was brought up in the Catholic faith and never doubted that there was a God. My great grandmother instilled in me a healthy reverence and fear of God. Going to church was something you did witGreat grandmah out question. Each Sunday and special holiday, we would walk to church together.  In her home, she prayed constantly. My childhood wasn’t filled with material things, but it was filled with faith,family and love. One regret that I have is that I never thanked her for showing me what really was important.

Life has brought many trials and difficulties, but one thing that has been a constant is my faith. I can’t remember a time I didn’t go to church, but as I look back I realize that going to church doesn’t necessarily mean you are Christian. There were seasons where I went to church out of habit. My prayers were quick rote prayers or a laundry lists of my needs that I wanted God to help me with. I found God to be the closest when I was in the middle of a crisis. He didn’t always answer the way I wanted him to, but with his help I dealt with divorce, being a single mom, poverty, and many serious health issues. When I searched for him during my dark times, I found him and I grew stronger as a person.

There are many Bible studies available to study and help in the faith journey. The Bible is God’s word to us and is meant a guide to how to live as a Christian. To truly understand it, it helps to do it in a group.

I started serious studying after my children were grown. As I went deeper in the word, I just wanted to learn more. The hunger to study is fueled by the fact that instead of just learning about God, I am learning about myself. Some of it is good and some of it is bad, but we have a merciful, forgiving God. All he wants is a relationship with him and attending church for an hour a week isn’t enough. He is a big God and deserves more. What happens between Sundays and how you deal with everyday challenges with God’s help is your faith in action. His help and guidance should guide our daily living.

Retirement has given me more time to study the word of God which is how we know how to live as a Christian. Small church groups are only one way to learn and grow in that area.

This season has been a time where I needed to study at home. Perhaps, you can’t study with a group outside of the home either. I have done online Christian book clubs on Facebook with Karen Kingsbury. Recently, I have have joined Bible study groups on Faithgateway and in June I will do a study with Beth Moore through Lifeway. All of them are amazing opportunities to grow. These are just a few samples of studies that help deepen relationship with God. Although I don’t actually see who is responding, their insights about God and the Bible have been invaluable.

I believe life is a faith journey and each person has a story to tell. Our stories are meant to be shared. Consider joining a group of some kind. Your life story could help someone who is in a rough season of life find faith in the darkness or perhaps, they may help you find hope. The possibilities are just a click away.

It all goes back to legacy, too. What do you want people to remember about you? It is never too late to start a relationship with God.

About Linda Buice

I am a retired elementary teacher. I am an avid reader and am pursuing a Christian writing career. My faith and family are extremely important to me. My thoughts on this blog are meant to encourage others in their later years.
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